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Welcome to coaching.


The art of facilitating the unleashing of people’s potential to reach meaningful, important objectives.
(Rosinski, 2003)


Individual coaching

I coach people to live their life more fully.

Coaching is a thought-provoking and creative process that will inspire you to maximize your personal and professional potential.

Typically, coaching works very well for:

  • life / career transition
  • exploring new possibilities / stretching them
  • finding motivation
  • making a decision
  • solving a problem
  • getting organised
  • From the coachees:

     “Before, I was putting pressure on myself to know what was coming next. I needed to reassure myself on my future to enjoy my present. Today, I associate Future with Present.” Juliette, Trade consultant, 9 months pregnant.

     “I think [coaching] is useful to build self-confidence, and have a more real vision of life. It helps to act and not to “dream your life”.” Helene, event manager transitioning into kindergarten teacher.


    Team coaching

    Using coaching as a tool to leverage the unleashed potential in diversity.

    Often team’s full potential remains untapped as we find a minimum common ground instead of stretching out of our respective comfort zone to create more value and sustainable results.




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